All in Hashtag Black

Series: Why We Hate the Boys in Blue, Part III

“Tell me what has become of my rights? /Am I invisible because you ignore me?/ Your proclamation promised me free liberty?” – Michael Jackson, They Don’t Really Care About Us




[Over the past two days, I have shared with you the stories and feelings of five young people who have grown to fear, distrust or outright hate the police. They have told stories of discrimination, brutality and sexual assault. They have learned that “serve and protect” is more of a question than a promise for them. They, and so many others, are tired and angry about the way that police brutality and abuse of power has continued to terrorize people of colour. I’d like to share some thoughts on the matter. Here is part three of my three part series on police brutality.]

Series: Why We Hate the Boys in Blue, Part II

What’s the price for a black man’s life? I check the toe tag, not one zero in sight” – J. Cole, January 28th


[It is nearly impossible to turn on your TV, visit a news site, or open Twitter without encountering another story of police brutality and abuse of power. It seems like each week, we have a new name in a hashtag, memorializing the life of another man or woman lost to the boys in blue. This has inspired fear, anger, and for some of us, hate. Yes, we are growing to hate the police, and it is not without cause. The facts and figures point to a terrifying pattern of police violence against people of colour, especially blacks. Each of those facts and figures represent real lives—real human beings who live in fear of becoming another victim, another number on a chart, another body on the ground.  Over the past month, I have interviewed five young people who shared their experiences with and feelings toward the police. They, like me, had a lot to say, and it is so important that we listen to the people who live this fear. Here is part two of my three part series on police brutality.]