The Queen Bey Has Spoken: 8 Beyonce Lyrics to Live By

The Queen Bey Has Spoken: 8 Beyonce Lyrics to Live By

While Beyonce was at the Rogers Centre snatching the edges and filling the souls of several of my friends this past Wednesday, I was at home resisting the urge to stress eat a family sized bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. To say I was jealous is the understatement of the year. I was entirely prepared to slay in formation, so to be sitting on my couch while Beyonce was singing and dancing in bedazzled leotards hurt my heart. To add insult to injury, every single one of my social media timelines was filled with videos and pictures of the concert. I knew exactly what I was missing.

Now, I’m not as fanatical as some of Queen Bey’s fans, but I do love me some Yonce, especially since the surprise release of her self-titled album and the emotionally charged, Lemonade. I’ve always admired Beyonce for her talent, beauty and confidence. But in the last year, I’ve watched her display a level of business acumen and feminist leaning that’s earned her a spot on my list of inspirations. Here are 8 Beyonce lyrics, past and present, I think are worth living by.

1.       And it ain't no need to cry/I took a vow that from now on/I'm gonna be my own best friend  (Me, Myself and I – Dangerously in Love)

I know Bey was talking to a man who broke her heart here, but as a woman, I know friends are perfectly capable of breaking your heart as well. I’ve learned over the years that when people walk out of your life, you let them keep walking. That’s not to say you shouldn’t love or trust others or that you don’t need them. It just means that when everyone else fails, you’ve always got yourself.

2.       Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking, you’re irreplaceable  (Irreplaceable – B-day)

Ok, I remixed this one a little too. Bey was again talking to a former lover, letting him know he could be replaced, but we would all be wise to eat a little bit of the humble pie she was serving up here. A lot of people screw themselves out of success when they start thinking they’re too good to keep working. The minute you’ve convinced yourself you’ve arrived is the minute you start losing.

3.       Don't treat me to these things of the world/I'm not that kind of girl/Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve (Single Ladies – I Am Sasha Fierce)

A relationship isn’t a cash cow or a gift shop. Look for the partner who gives you love and makes your life better. Sure, the gifts are nice, but they don’t really make up for a broken heart if you pick the wrong person chasing after Chanel and Swarovski. Don’t be that person who puts up with a horrible relationship for material things. Your heart Is worth more than that.

4.       All my ladies get it up, I see you, I do the same (Diva - I Am Sasha Fierce)

Surround yourself with people who are focused on their goals and chasing success. It’s hard to be lazy and uninspired if everyone around you is setting an example of excellence. Build a circle of extraordinary people and let their hustle motivate you.


5.       I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time/Know there was something that, meant something that I left behind (I Was Here - 4)

Do you want to live your whole life being another cog in the wheel or do you want people to remember you for actually making a difference? If you’re not doing the thing you want to be remembered for, I don’t know what the hell you’re waiting for. I do know you get one shot at living a life worth remembering, so don’t waste it.

6.       Boy I'm just playing/Come here baby/Hope you still like me/F- you pay me (Run the World/Girls - 4)

Listen here, ladies: if a man doesn’t like you for your ambition, that’s not your problem. There’s no reason to dim your light or slow your roll to stroke a man’s ego. He can either support your goals or get out of the way. Whatever he chooses to do, you do you.

7.       Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper (Formation - Lemonade)

Unless your haters are cutting your cheques, pay them no mind. The best way to get back at the people who only have bad things to say about you is to live a life that proves them wrong. Don’t get into petty fights, resort to slinging insults, or play silly games with people who want to see you fail. Nothing will hurt them more than having to watch you win with a smile on your face.


Beyonce formation 3.png

8.       Hey! I'ma keep running/Cause a winner don't quit on themselves (Freedom - Lemonade)

No matter how tired you are and how bad you want to quit, never stop chasing the things you want. Winners don’t win because they don’t get tired or worn out, they win because they keep pushing through when others give up. Wake up every day and remind yourself you’re a winner. Quitting isn’t an option.



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